FALL 2005

Master Drummer-Master Dancer

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A concert featuring the close relationship of Master Drummer and Master Dancer in selected corners of the world: the Middle East, Senegal, North India and Puerto Rico.

Location: MIT, Big Kresge Hall
Date/Time: Friday, September 9, 8:00 pm
Price of admission: General: $20, students/seniors: $15, MIT  students: $10
Produced in collaboration with The MIT Turkish Student Organization


Osmanlı Musikisinin Devamı / The Continuation of Ottoman Music

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Original compositions for instruments and voices by Mehmet Ali Sanlikol combining the idioms of Ottoman traditional music with contemporary media and methods. Mehter (Janissary music), sema (Sufi devotional music), and ince saz müzigi (instrumental music) are explored producing striking new pieces which carry on and extend their traditional models. The concert will feature the first appearance of The New England Drum and Winds Mehterhane.

Location: Paine Hall, Harvard University
Date/Time: Friday, October 14, 8:00pm
Price of admission: General: $20, students/seniors: $15


Middle Eastern Rap, Funk, Disco Night


Middle Eastern and American musicians, together with Turkish and Armenian rappers and singers,in a program of Middle Eastern Rap, Funk, and Disco music rarely heard by American audiences.

Location: RYLES’ Jazz Club/Upstairs
Date/Time: Friday, November 18, 9:00pm
Price of admission: General: $15


The Ali Ufki Sacred Music Project

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The Ali Ufki Sacred Music Project is a series of interactive programs of music and conversation.
The project’s aim is to foster awareness, deepen the dialogue, and celebrate commonalities among
Jews, Christians and Muslims. The inspiration for these programs is the music and life of Ali Ufki,
who lived in the cosmopolitan environment of seventeenth century Istanbul.

Location: Temple Beth Zion
Date/Time: December 4, 5:00pm
Price of admission: General: $18, students/seniors: $16


And also…DÜNYA presents,
Once a month Meyhane Style Fasıl Nights at the Zeitgeist Gallery

Feel free to bring your own Rakı and Meze…
Come and join our Arifhane!

Fasıl 1 Wednesday, September 21, 7:30 pm $10
Fasıl 2 Saturday, October 29, 9:30 pm $10
Fasıl 3 Saturday, December 10, 9:30 pm $10

Location: 1353 Cambridge Street
Inman Square, Cambridge
Tel: 617 876 6060



Gel gör beni aşk neyledi / Come see what love has done to me

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Turkish songs, instrumental music and poetry on love and its consequences, with girls’ chorus, soloists and an ensemble of winds, strings and percussion co-sponsored by the Turkish American Cultural Society of New England directed by Robert Labaree

Location: New England Conservatory, Jordan Hall
Date/Time: Monday, February 14, 8:00pm
Price of admission: Free


Anadolu Rock/Pop

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During the late 60s and early 70s in Turkey a new trend in popular music came into being which combined American Rock and Pop with Turkish village music. The synthesis of these styles produced a musical language different from the more dominant Arabesk style which represented rural migrants recently arrived in the cities. Anadolu Rock/Pop appealed instead to the more educated classes. By the 1980s the style had faded in popularity but its classics continue to be played and remembered all over Turkey.

Location: Tufts University, Cohen Auditorium
Date/Time: Friday, March 18, 8:00pm
Price of admission: $10
Produced in collaboration with Tufts Turkish Student Association


Ali Ufki’nin Mezmurları / The Psalms of Ali Ufki

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Ali Ufki, born Wojciech Bobowski as a Polish Christian, converted to Islam after his capture by the Ottoman Turks at the age of 30, and became renowned as a musician and translator in the imperial court. His own collection of Turkish psalms based on the Genevan Psalter provides the starting point for this celebration of the intersection of Judaism, Greek Orthodoxy, Turkish Sufism, and Protestant Christianity.

Location: Harvard Fogg Art Museum
Date/Time: Wednesday, April 6, 8:30 pm
Price of admission: $15
Produced in collaboration with Center of Middle Eastern Studies,
Center of Jewish Studies at Harvard and Harvard Art Museum


Osmanlı’da Ermeni Bestekarlar / Armenian Composers of the Ottoman Empire

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This concert will feature the music of the Armenian composers of the late Ottoman Empire. The legendary Armenian performers of Boston will join forces with a new generation of Turkish and American musicians

Location: MIT, Big Kresge Hall
Date/Time: Friday, May 20, 8:00pm
Price of admission: $10
Produced in collaboration with the MIT Turkish Student Association

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